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Remembering Summer

In it to Win Win it

We started the summer with our Father’s Day Field Test of  Win Win Beachwear.  As summer sweats to finish we thought it appropriate to revisit the retro-chic Cabana Set makers (and this time tell you more about them!)

Jenn Michael and Kevin Chipman created the company based on cabana sets of the 50′s and 60′s, a solution to comfort and style, which somehow had fallen completely out of the cultural mindset and, like the electric car, this great, but forgotten invention is now back and better than ever.

Options of what to wear amid the sand and surf are plentiful as designers tackle the unique combination of comfort requirements and opportunities for style. Most results leave me feeling a bit underdressed for whatever activity (usually drinking) comes next.  I found from personally wearing a Win Win set that few things are as satisfying as discovering a clothing solution that is as equal in style as it is in performance and quality.

Win Win makes their cabana sets from Turkish terry cloth which is the softest and most absorbent; perfected by the long tradition of hamams.  This makes these jackets more comfortable that a towel and far better looking.  And a folded up Win Win jacket makes the perfect beach pillow.

The outer shell comes in a variety of patterns ranging from a classic, seersucker-like blue stripe to wild retro Hawaiian patterns.  Many of the prints are vintage, which means those designs have a limited run.  A thoughtful detail are pockets that perfectly fit a beer bottle (no coincidence that co-owner Kevin owns a brewery in the Caribbean, St. John Brewers)

As the brand continues to grow in popularity so does the visibility. Tenacious D rocked a Win Win on stage and the company recently collaborated with Viceroy to create a specialty cabana set perfect for pool parties and other places fun loving fans of the “summer time all the time” DJ might want to throw down.  The jackets are sold out but you can still snag the trunks.

Summer isn’t over until you say it is, so get a Win Win, hit the beach, the pool and that opened fire hydrant down the block.

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Everybody loves Neon

Throwback Thursday: Ultra

Ultra is the world’s largest electronic musical festival and one of the pioneers of the mushrooming festival trend which began to take flight in 1999 (insert prerequisite Prince joke here.)

When it comes to dressing sharp, the heat and humidity of March in Miami contribute to Ultra ranking low on the fashionable music fest totem poll. It’s not just the anti-ergonomic weather, but the coupling of dancing for 10 hours. Add that to being amongst throngs of other humans and it is easy to see why it can lead most festival goers to dress like participants in a 90′s neon work out video. To be clear,dressing for performance does not mean sacrificing style. Check out our past article on the fresh look of Soul Clap

There was a clear delineation at Ultra between the fashion of the fans and the performers. The kids opted for variations on super short and neon. While, some seasoned festival goers chose the more costumed route i.e. faux fur tiger hats. The main slice of fashion was found backstage with performers, crews and press. Wolf+Panther had the chance to photograph some of the unique street style we saw backstage.

However,hands down, it was Dillon Francis who showed up dressed to work and killed it. Wearing a suit by Tokyo’s Ladd, Francis told Wolf+Panther it was “the best suit in the world”. Paired with a shirt and tie by Top Shop, it is easy to see why W+P stopped him in his tracks to talk. The crisply tied knot, slim silhouette of the suit and bleached hair all combine to a razor sharp expression of a confident partystarter and earned Dillion Francis the honor of being Wolf + Panther’s best dressed man at Ultra 2013.

To see the photo of Dillion’s killer look follow us on instagram at @wolfandpanther.

Dress Sharp. Stay Fly.


Jacques Smith: Quirk Couture

If the 90′s are back, then designer Jacques Smith is heralding the revamp with style. Known for his over the top eclectic work, the Omaha, Nebraska born artist turns thrift to trend. Wolf+Panther interviewed the artist on one of his many international pit stops in Miami.

The excitement began when a zebra striped suitcase opened and the contents of a thrift store spilled out.  As each piece of reclaimed apparel was unfurled, the artistic expression and razor wit of Jacques Smith became apparent. Using the barter system, Jacques acquires his signature one of a kind pieces from the unwanted clothing of his friends’ closets. Once he has accumulated a collection, he sends it on to be customized at his parents embroidery factory in his hometown.

With no two pieces alike, it is a tastemakers dream. With clever details like an embroidered fetus summersaulting across a Corona print Hawaiian shirt, it is easy to see why the young and trendy gravitate to his work. Many of the original pieces Jacques produces are unisex but he definelty has love for the ladies. I had the chance to rock a vintage black denim skirt with sexy details like ends of cigarettes and wads of Euros peeking out from the tops of pockets.

Not only is Jacques an amazing designer, he has created an entire culture around his unique style. The occasionally green-mustached artist creates pop-ups in boutique hotels and night clubs around the world.  On these occasions, he changes the entire dynamic of the evening by slowly restyling the crowd.  If he doesn’t like what your wearing he might just hand you something more whimsical to wear. Consider it an upgrade!

Wolf+Panther were put on to the magic of Jacques when having dinner with Charlie of Soul Clap and noticed the amazing shirt he was rocking with an golden King Tut across the center back. Jacques often styles Soul Clap and the rest of Crew Love.  For more on these stylish DJs check out our post on Soul Clap’s threads at Ultra

If this doesn’t make you want to own a shirt with a lobster coming out of the pocket, you aren’t ready for summer.

Just a man and his kicks.

Everday Style: Terrance Wilson

A great thing about the style of our generation is the freedom of drawing inspiration from any source. And a perfect expression of that artistic freedom, in clothing and in life, is the sharply dressed Terrance Wilson.  The man has created comic books, animated short films, directed TV shows, built theatrical sets, and produced large technical productions. But the most amazing thing he has created is his own life.  A natural born artist, he parlayed his talent into the post of Creative Director of Trinity Church in Miami and well as co-creating his own company COOL Creative Inc.  Wolf + Panther came through the Aventura loft Terrance shares with his wife Johanne, their dog CoCo, and the complete 90′s TMNT series on DVD. One of the hallmarks of Terrance’s signature style is his bold use of color.  Terrance’s looks exudes swagger, from going all out with suede burgundy Cole Haan’s and pink socks or streamlining with an all black ensemble.  His cohesive style is punctuated with fearless use of accessories (both a pocket square and a lapel flower in a sports coat or chains with a buttoned-up collar) and an overall artistic sensibility that brings his outfits together with the snap of a well composed graphic novel. Terrance painted the sick-ass mural in the entrance way and the portrait of Jordan that adds a whole other level of respect to his collection of J’s.  His studio is tastefully ordained with such highlights as an Optimus Prime Helmet and a full wall of art theory books.  The man truly lives a well designed life at every level.  Trust him to stay fly. Check out his blog at: His company at:

And of course Twitter/Instagram at: @TerranceWilson
Vintage style ink.

Happy Birthday America! Baby, You Lookin’ Good.

As smuggled fireworks are enjoyed across the rooftops and backyards of our beloved NYC, Wolf + Panther salutes our Independence with a clever pun:  W + P favorite Elliott Sailors as, well, a sailor (sometimes the obvious move is quite rewarding).

Elliott, a women who models as a man, is using her shift from women’s wear to men’s wear as the next step in an already successful modeling career.  We love it.  Moves like that give the conversation around men’s wear a fresh prospective.  A forthcoming article gets into this deeper, but for now we had some fun with the pin-up style girl-as-guy nautical trope.  Too cerebral? Just look at the pictures.

W + P photographer Joe Goodman shot the shots and edited them up right.  Follow him @begborrowstealfilms on IG.

Hair and Make Up by W + P regular AnaMarie Salamat.  Her IG handle is @amsalamat.

Elliott struts her stuff on her FB page and on IG and Twitter @elliottsailors.

American made.

America as Fuck

This Friday, June 21, wolf + panther contributor Christopher Sanford is premiering the video collaboration he created by combining the talents of Noah Gundersen, a childhood friend from the West Coast with NYC based men’s wear brand Feltraiger.

The two were born for each other.  Feltraiger lives a red, white and Pabst-soaked vision of youth dubbed “America as Fuck.”  Their Allen St Flagship store is stocked with American made classics that pay homage to Bikers, Hunters, Surfers and other rebel style icons.


Washington native Noah Gundersen‘s music is soulful, iconic and solemnly dancible and his powerhouse anthem “Fire” is a generational yearning that crescendos in the chorus “I am looking for freedom in the open arms of America.”

Chris saw the potential and produced a video for “Fire” where he takes Noah on a Feltraiger-clad sojourn to play a show at Rockwood Music Hall.  To capture all the spangled glory Chris enrolled Director Jake Kindlon and DP Zack Auron and his friend David Katz’s bitch’n Chevrolet pick-up.

The video premiers Friday night at Feltraiger Flagship.  Noah Gundersen will be playing a show in Seattle that will be live-streamed along with the premiere.  Behold the splendor: America as Fuck.

Friday June 21 doors at 11 PM @ Feltraiger Flagship 158 Allen Street

Check out and .




Beach Boys: Wolf + Panther and Win Win Beachwear’s Father’s Day Photo

For some reason the image I have of Father’s Day is a guy in a cabana set lounging by the pool with a drink and smoke while his kids rough house nearby.  That certainly wasn’t my childhood, but that Mad Men/James Bond retro feel is still my vision of looking good in fatherhood.

Whether that’s your Dad or not, you can get him and yourself looking right with this year’s W + P Father’s Day Pick: Retro Cabana Sets from Win Win Beachwear.

Since this is a Father’s Day Pick we needed to test not only for style and comfort for a guy, but for a guy with a kid.  Not being a father, we borrowed D’hani (from a friend, with permission) to bring on the field test.

Not only do these sets look chic, but they are the most comfortable things to wear in a semi-aquatic lounge environment (a.k.a. poolside)  It turns out this cabana set is also performance wear.  I found myself more comfortable after a swim than I ever had been and feeling sharp when I walked, soaked and sandy (yet chic), into a restaurant without missing a beat.  And having a matching outfit on my kid was brilliant – when I was ready to leave I just asked the cocktail waitress were the kid dressed like me was.  Bam! #drinkresponsibly

I returned the kid, but kept the set.  Stylish father’s everywhere, here’s the look. and use code ”Fathers2013″ for 20% off.