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Remembering Summer

In it to Win Win it

We started the summer with our Father’s Day Field Test of  Win Win Beachwear.  As summer sweats to finish we thought it appropriate to revisit the retro-chic Cabana Set makers (and this time tell you more about them!)

Jenn Michael and Kevin Chipman created the company based on cabana sets of the 50′s and 60′s, a solution to comfort and style, which somehow had fallen completely out of the cultural mindset and, like the electric car, this great, but forgotten invention is now back and better than ever.

Options of what to wear amid the sand and surf are plentiful as designers tackle the unique combination of comfort requirements and opportunities for style. Most results leave me feeling a bit underdressed for whatever activity (usually drinking) comes next.  I found from personally wearing a Win Win set that few things are as satisfying as discovering a clothing solution that is as equal in style as it is in performance and quality.

Win Win makes their cabana sets from Turkish terry cloth which is the softest and most absorbent; perfected by the long tradition of hamams.  This makes these jackets more comfortable that a towel and far better looking.  And a folded up Win Win jacket makes the perfect beach pillow.

The outer shell comes in a variety of patterns ranging from a classic, seersucker-like blue stripe to wild retro Hawaiian patterns.  Many of the prints are vintage, which means those designs have a limited run.  A thoughtful detail are pockets that perfectly fit a beer bottle (no coincidence that co-owner Kevin owns a brewery in the Caribbean, St. John Brewers)

As the brand continues to grow in popularity so does the visibility. Tenacious D rocked a Win Win on stage and the company recently collaborated with Viceroy to create a specialty cabana set perfect for pool parties and other places fun loving fans of the “summer time all the time” DJ might want to throw down.  The jackets are sold out but you can still snag the trunks.

Summer isn’t over until you say it is, so get a Win Win, hit the beach, the pool and that opened fire hydrant down the block.

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Phillip Lim for Target

Target is at it again with yet another one of their high end designer collaborations.  This time the mega retailer has enlisted Phillip Lim.  Known for cool graphics and tailored silhouettes, finding Mr. Lim’s 3.1 Collection at Target is a big win for the well dressed man.  This capsule collection will be in stores September 15th.

As with all Target collaborations the best way to get what you want is to hit up the store super early on the first day (or take three buses and two trains to the Target in Rockaway Queens).

Check out the gallery below for a taste of the Mens Lookbook.  The collection contains a lot of great essential items to update your fall wardrobe.  The Leather Jacket in Black for $300 is a clear winner for the “most likely to be sold out within two hours” category.  The Shirt in Navy/Camo print and The Blazer and Pants in Navy being tied for second place.  The beauty about a collection like this is that many of the silhouettes are repeated in different patterns. Use this to make a quick getaway when shopping the sale.  If you try on the shirt in Blue, just buy the same size in White and the Navy/Camo color right off the rack.

Stick to braving the lines at the store rather than taking a chance with  I’m sure we all remember how the Missoni sale crashed the site the first day.  Besides, at the end of the day its much more fun to rock a fresh purchase right out of the store.

The dynamic duo

All Black Everything: Apt 606

Apt 606 stands in stark black and white contrast to the neon and pastel that is the hallmark of Miami fashion.  Owners Lee and Dune stay rocking all black, making the simple choice of t-shirts, jeans and boots a profound visual statement.  Asked about the monochrome palette Lee says:  ”I mean, it’s still color.  Black is just like your mentality and it’s a beautiful thing, it’s very minimalist, its very clean, it’s a statement.  Because I guarantee you right now, you walk outside in all black and people are looking at you like, you know it’s mysterious, it’s calm.”

Black is also elegant, heightening the impact of impeccably designed details.  And this is the essence of Apt 606′s identity.  The core brand roster includes Rick Owens, Boy LondonPublic SchoolJuliusBLK DNMRaf Simons, Alexander Wang, Surface to Air and Marcelo Burlon  It’s like a little piece of the Meatpacking District in NYC broke off and floated south.

For Lee and Dune these are more than brands, they are a lifestyle. They wear the clothes and  study the designers – learning everything from where they source their fabrics to the influences that inform their design choices.  Shopping at Apt 606 is like taking a master class in the future of urban menswear.  ”They just don’t hand you their brand, they want to make sure that the person that’s representing their brand are decent people that respect the business. So when they look at me and my partner, they’re like ok who are you?”  To answer that question, and be entrusted with the brands the duo admire, Lee and Dune built a deliberate reputation, ending up on the radar of street legends like Teyana Taylor and A$AP Rocky.

While most boutiques in Miami cater to the city’s numerous athletes, rappers and producers by stocking the high end names those customers use to signal their wealth, Apt 606 is dedicated to their vision.  ”If you call me and say ‘hey I need this particular hype brand.’  I’m not going to do it.  I’m not a shopper.  Now, if you like the looks that I provide, that’s totally different.  If you’re not into the lifestyle that I’m into, or trying to be into it, then it’s hard. I can’t sit here and just put you in something just because. I have to like it.”

Not only are the clothes well chosen, but the location is too.  Lee and Dune placed their supper swagged boutique in the Wynwood Design District, which is definitely the place in Miami to create a style mecca.  To see more of Wynwood, check out W+P’s photo-tour of the famous graffiti city here.  There aren’t many stores like Apt 606 in Miami because of this,it draws a distinctive clientele looking for fashion’s cutting edge.  ”I have customers that come in here, they want to be educated, what we are trying to do is …curate the clothes.”

To learn more about Apt 606′s meticulously curated collection hit up their site, their badass tumblr page and follow them on IG @apt606. In September the boys will be making their unique curated style more accessible with the addition of an e-commerce store. Coupled with the additon of brands like Christopher Kane, Kenzo, Kris Van Assche, Acne, Phillip Lim and Juun J for S/S14 and you can see why W+P digs Apt 606.