Jacques Smith: Quirk Couture

If the 90′s are back, then designer Jacques Smith is heralding the revamp with style. Known for his over the top eclectic work, the Omaha, Nebraska born artist turns thrift to trend. Wolf+Panther interviewed the artist on one of his many international pit stops in Miami.

The excitement began when a zebra striped suitcase opened and the contents of a thrift store spilled out.  As each piece of reclaimed apparel was unfurled, the artistic expression and razor wit of Jacques Smith became apparent. Using the barter system, Jacques acquires his signature one of a kind pieces from the unwanted clothing of his friends’ closets. Once he has accumulated a collection, he sends it on to be customized at his parents embroidery factory in his hometown.

With no two pieces alike, it is a tastemakers dream. With clever details like an embroidered fetus summersaulting across a Corona print Hawaiian shirt, it is easy to see why the young and trendy gravitate to his work. Many of the original pieces Jacques produces are unisex but he definelty has love for the ladies. I had the chance to rock a vintage black denim skirt with sexy details like ends of cigarettes and wads of Euros peeking out from the tops of pockets.

Not only is Jacques an amazing designer, he has created an entire culture around his unique style. The occasionally green-mustached artist creates pop-ups in boutique hotels and night clubs around the world.  On these occasions, he changes the entire dynamic of the evening by slowly restyling the crowd.  If he doesn’t like what your wearing he might just hand you something more whimsical to wear. Consider it an upgrade!

Wolf+Panther were put on to the magic of Jacques when having dinner with Charlie of Soul Clap and noticed the amazing shirt he was rocking with an golden King Tut across the center back. Jacques often styles Soul Clap and the rest of Crew Love.  For more on these stylish DJs check out our post on Soul Clap’s threads at Ultra

If this doesn’t make you want to own a shirt with a lobster coming out of the pocket, you aren’t ready for summer.

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