Vintage style ink.

Happy Birthday America! Baby, You Lookin’ Good.

As smuggled fireworks are enjoyed across the rooftops and backyards of our beloved NYC, Wolf + Panther salutes our Independence with a clever pun:  W + P favorite Elliott Sailors as, well, a sailor (sometimes the obvious move is quite rewarding).

Elliott, a women who models as a man, is using her shift from women’s wear to men’s wear as the next step in an already successful modeling career.  We love it.  Moves like that give the conversation around men’s wear a fresh prospective.  A forthcoming article gets into this deeper, but for now we had some fun with the pin-up style girl-as-guy nautical trope.  Too cerebral? Just look at the pictures.

W + P photographer Joe Goodman shot the shots and edited them up right.  Follow him @begborrowstealfilms on IG.

Hair and Make Up by W + P regular AnaMarie Salamat.  Her IG handle is @amsalamat.

Elliott struts her stuff on her FB page and on IG and Twitter @elliottsailors.

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