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Everday Style: Terrance Wilson

A great thing about the style of our generation is the freedom of drawing inspiration from any source. And a perfect expression of that artistic freedom, in clothing and in life, is the sharply dressed Terrance Wilson.  The man has created comic books, animated short films, directed TV shows, built theatrical sets, and produced large technical productions. But the most amazing thing he has created is his own life.  A natural born artist, he parlayed his talent into the post of Creative Director of Trinity Church in Miami and well as co-creating his own company COOL Creative Inc.  Wolf + Panther came through the Aventura loft Terrance shares with his wife Johanne, their dog CoCo, and the complete 90′s TMNT series on DVD. One of the hallmarks of Terrance’s signature style is his bold use of color.  Terrance’s looks exudes swagger, from going all out with suede burgundy Cole Haan’s and pink socks or streamlining with an all black ensemble.  His cohesive style is punctuated with fearless use of accessories (both a pocket square and a lapel flower in a sports coat or chains with a buttoned-up collar) and an overall artistic sensibility that brings his outfits together with the snap of a well composed graphic novel. Terrance painted the sick-ass mural in the entrance way and the portrait of Jordan that adds a whole other level of respect to his collection of J’s.  His studio is tastefully ordained with such highlights as an Optimus Prime Helmet and a full wall of art theory books.  The man truly lives a well designed life at every level.  Trust him to stay fly. Check out his blog at: ThatsCoolBlog.com His company at: CoolCreativeinc.com

And of course Twitter/Instagram at: @TerranceWilson

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