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America as Fuck

This Friday, June 21, wolf + panther contributor Christopher Sanford is premiering the video collaboration he created by combining the talents of Noah Gundersen, a childhood friend from the West Coast with NYC based men’s wear brand Feltraiger.

The two were born for each other.  Feltraiger lives a red, white and Pabst-soaked vision of youth dubbed “America as Fuck.”  Their Allen St Flagship store is stocked with American made classics that pay homage to Bikers, Hunters, Surfers and other rebel style icons.


Washington native Noah Gundersen‘s music is soulful, iconic and solemnly dancible and his powerhouse anthem “Fire” is a generational yearning that crescendos in the chorus “I am looking for freedom in the open arms of America.”

Chris saw the potential and produced a video for “Fire” where he takes Noah on a Feltraiger-clad sojourn to play a show at Rockwood Music Hall.  To capture all the spangled glory Chris enrolled Director Jake Kindlon and DP Zack Auron and his friend David Katz’s bitch’n Chevrolet pick-up.

The video premiers Friday night at Feltraiger Flagship.  Noah Gundersen will be playing a show in Seattle that will be live-streamed along with the premiere.  Behold the splendor: America as Fuck.

Friday June 21 doors at 11 PM @ Feltraiger Flagship 158 Allen Street

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