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Put Your Hands Together for Soul Clap

Soul Clap first came to Ultra as spectators in 2005.  Now, eight years later in 2013, the electronic funk/soul duo of Charlie Levine and Eli Goldstein returned to the world’s largest electronic music festival as performers.  Wolf + Panther interviewed the group and had a chance to talk with them about everything from their love of vintage sneakers to their entrance into the fashion game.

SoulClap performed with duo Wolf+Lamb and both crews rep under the larger group name of Crew Love.  Against the steady backdrop of the electronic house scene that has become the calling card of Ultra Music Fest, Soul Clap is a stand out.  Their dope, fresh, and unapologetic brand of sunshine identifies the duo’s look and sound.  SoulClap’s style has an artistic sophistication not easily spotted amongst the kids at Ultra. A look that is as cohesive as it is individualistic. Both DJ’s posses a carefree and colorful street style that incorporates modern with vintage in a seamless composition that flows.

Charlie in Contemporary Scarecrow

Charlie in Contemporary Scarecrow

Charlie dressed like a hypercolor breakdancing drug dealer, and rocked red frame shades when he hit the turntables.  His sleeveless sweatsuit appeared to be cut from the fabric version of an iconographic postcard of 80s Miami.  The harem pants tapered into the high tops of vintage Adidas.

Eli dressed to represent Boston on St. Patrick’s Day.  which he did smooth enough to make Bird himself proud. W+P asked about one of his cornerstone pieces, his vintage Nike’s. “These are old Hurache’s before they brought them back with the running sole.  I love Hurache’s so as soon as the brought them back I bought a pair, but they’re really uncomfortable for DJ-ing because they’re designed for running.  For standing they suck.”


The Word

The Word

Through out the interview the guys made it clear that for them, comfort is the main selector in choosing an outfit.  The same can be said of the crowd that comes to see them perform. If 10-12 hour dance parties aren’t a workout, you’re not dancing hard enough and you wouldn’t be at a Soul Clap show.  Just as their threads are all levity and color so is their unstoppable groove.  The pair see themselves as shepherding funk’s legacy in the 21st century (or shepherd pie-ing it the 21st century as they actually phrased it)

Beyond playing at concerts around the world, SoulClap is also working on a clothing line. It seems like a logical step that this duo would decide to enter deeper into the world of fashion. Charlie expressed the importance of fashion and how it shows a sense of community.  “I think fashion and community fit together. How can we all support things that make us look like a unit? With Crew Love we have 12 people and  having clothes we can all wear is an important thing.”Backstage

Not only do they believe in their community, they live it. With everything from matching Double Standard tattoos to matching bling, showing support to members is the Crew Love way.

To see all things Soul Clap in action and the greater power of Crew Love buy you ticket for their April 19th show at Williamsburg’s Output.  Follow the link.

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